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Where Do I Get an X-Ray?

Where Do I Get an X-Ray?

If you’re asking about an X-ray, chances are you’ve had an accident, a fall or a sports injury. None of these are fun or easy to deal with, but all can benefit from an X-ray exam.

Whether you schedule an appointment with our sports medicine specialists, or walk into one of our urgent care centers, the experienced and caring doctors, nurses and radiologists of Pomona Valley Health Centers are ready to help.

Advanced X-ray diagnostics reveal the source of your injury

For acute musculoskeletal (muscle and bone) injuries to the limbs, or pain in your chest, head or neck, X-rays can provide an accurate evaluation of your pain and inform your treatment. X-ray exams produce images of the structures inside your body (more specifically, your bones) safely, quickly and comfortably.

At PVHC, you’ll find a range of advanced diagnostic imaging—from x-ray technology to radiology exams—all onsite—which can save you precious time and money.

Precision X-ray; expert sports medicine is right here

Whether you’re an elite athlete with a painful condition or injury that’s holding you back, or an active person dealing with recurring pain from overuse injuries or arthritis, come see us. At Pomona Valley Health Centers, our skilled specialists will guide you on a path to rapid healing, and get you back to your active life as soon as possible. PVHC provides X-Ray in Chino Hills, Claremont, La Verne and Pomona along with complete family medicine, women’s health care, urgent care, treatment for sleep disorders and more.

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