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What Are the Benefits of Youth Sports?

A Youth Team Mid-Huddle

More than 45 million children in the United States participate in organized sports. The most popular sports among American children include basketball, baseball, football, soccer and volleyball. The evidence supporting sports participation for young people is staggering. It has the influence to help kids overcome everything from racism to low self-esteem. It has also been shown to help lower high school drop-out rates.

Ten benefits of youth sports

Youth sports offer children and teens a number of valuable mental and physical benefits. Here are 10 ways sports participation can help your child thrive:

  1. Reduced risk of obesity
  2. Increased cardiovascular fitness
  3. Improved coordination and balance
  4. Stronger bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons
  5. Improved ability to relax and avoid headaches and backaches
  6. Better sleep
  7. Improved mental health
  8. Increased self-esteem and self-respect
  9. Improved intrapersonal skills
  10. Stress relief from academics and social pressures

As you can see, being a part of an organized sports team or program has many benefits, but it can also be costly and time consuming. It’s important for parents to consider their own ability to support their child’s membership cost, equipment and transportation requirements as well as arrive on time to weekly practices and games. 

Get ready for youth sports with a physical exam

A sports physical helps ensure your child is healthy enough to play the sport of their choice. During a sports physical, your doctor will ask about your child’s medical history as well as conduct a general physical exam.

During a physical exam, the doctor will typically check the following:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Blood pressure
  • Ears, nose and throat
  • Eyesight
  • Strength and flexibility

The skilled physicians at Pomona Valley Health Centers offer robust sports medicine services and can help you safely prepare for your next sports season. Call 909-378-9513 to schedule your sports physical today.