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What are the Benefits of Having a Family Doctor?

What are the Benefits of Having a Family Doctor

Continuity of care means the repeated contact between a person and their doctor. Studies suggest that continuity of care is linked to lower death rates, higher patient satisfaction and improved patient trust. Trust is a key element in the doctor-patient relationship because people are more likely to disclose important information with doctors they know and depend on. It is also helpful for doctors to personally know their patients’ health history because it helps them make better-informed healthcare decisions and give personally tailored advice and recommendations.

Top five benefits of having a family doctor

There are a lot of reasons why trusting the same doctor with your extended healthcare is beneficial. Here is our top five:

  1. They are a trusted confidant
    Whether you’re not feeling well, are struggling with a pain, or dealing with an embarrassing issue, it’s nice to see a familiar face that is familiar with your health history.
  2. They know and understand you
    When you see the same doctor over the course of many years, they really get to know you, your health, habits and general state of being. Because of this, they’ll be better equipped to diagnose and treat you.
  3. They are there for you
    If you develop a serious condition like heart disease or cancer, a family doctor will help find a specialist that fits your exact needs and personality.
  4. They are invested in your health
    Family doctors do more than just annual check-ups. They are there to help you navigate chronic medical issues, like diabetes or asthma, as well as acute medical conditions like injury or illness.
  5. They improve your health and longevity
    When you have someone on your medical team that knows you and your health history well; they are better equipped to help you make the right healthcare decisions.

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