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Looking to Improve Your Health? – Get A Pet

Pomona Valley Health Centers Say Love a Pet

95186881Did you have a tough day at the office? Going through a bad breakup with the love of your life? Just feeling a little blue today? Go ahead and snuggle on the couch with your best 4-legged friend, or take Fido for a walk around the block. Spend some time relaxing with your pet; it will help you feel better. Doctor’s orders.

Pets have been shown to have a positive impact on a person’s mood and overall health. Everything from getting out and playing ball to the simple act of petting your cat or dog can be beneficial to your health. Pomona Valley Health Centers (PVHC) in Claremont, Chino Hills and Pomona share these unexpected ways pets can improve your health.

Exercise Booster

Those daily walks and games of chase may be fun for your pet, but they have the added bonus of getting you moving and active, too. The increased activity and exercise may help you lower your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. Did we mention diabetes management? Walking is one of the best types of physical activity for people with diabetes because it’s highly effective at controlling blood sugar levels. So put Spot on that leash and get walking.

Stress Reducer

Our pets have a calming effect on our bodies. Simply being in the same room with our pets can improve our feelings of well-being. It feels good to pet our dogs and cats, causing our bodies to relax and release the hormone oxytocin. This is the feel-good hormone that is responsible for feelings of joy and love. At the same time, snuggling with our pets reduces our levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Spending time with our pets could be the ultimate chill pill.

Mood Lifter

Our pets make us happy; they provide us with unconditional love and acceptance. Doesn’t matter if your pet is a cat, dog, bird or horse – they all provide companionship, helping us manage feelings of depression and loneliness. Pets give us a sense of purpose. We’re responsible not only for ourselves, but also for the happiness and safety of our furry friends. This act of giving to our pets boosts our self-esteem and helps us find happiness in the little things – like treats and tennis balls.

Childhood Protector

Having a pet in the house can be beneficial for your baby too. Studies have shown that babies raised in homes with pets may be less likely to get allergies like hay fever and eczema. They may even experience fewer colds and ear infections during their first year. The key seems to be in starting early: children who live in a home with a pet before they are 6 months old enjoy the maximum health benefit.

But I Can’t Have Pets!

Even if you don’t have a pet and aren’t in a position to get one of your own, you can still benefit from a little cold-nose therapy. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and enjoy the health advantages of a pet, without the responsibilities of ownership. The time you spend walking and caring for a shelter pet can be beneficial to both of you.

Be it a furry family member or a shelter animal, the PVHC family doctors in Pomona, California encourage you to sit back and relax with your favorite ball of fur. It’s good for your health.