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How Occupational Therapy Can Help You

occupational therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) can be a very beneficial form of treatment. OT gets its name from the belief that we all possess “occupational roles” in our lives (e.g., parent, hobbyist, spouse or employee). OT care helps to build or restore basic motor functions and cognitive and emotional skills to execute these roles. An occupational therapist can:

  • Help youth with disabilities to better perform in school and social situations
  • Help people recover from injury to regain skills
  • Provide guidance for seniors who are experiencing physical and cognitive changes

OT exists to help restore independent, productive and fulfilling lives to individuals who may be struggling with mental, developmental, physical or emotional difficulties. It can help these people develop, recover or maintain daily living and work skills. OT promotes independence to maximize functional abilities, and it takes into account the patient’s physical, psychological and social well-being, in addition to environmental factors.

ADLs and IADLs

Occupational therapy helps with two different types of activities. These include activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Activities of daily living (ADLs) can include:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Functional mobility
  • Bathing/showering
  • Bladder control
  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Personal care
  • Sexual activity
  • Sleeping

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) include:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Driving
  • Shopping
  • Parenting
  • Use of communication devices
  • Community mobility
  • Financial management
  • Domestic tasks

How occupational therapists help

Occupational therapists use a combination of assessment and treatment to help patients develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills to achieve independence in all areas of their lives. OT concentrates on adapting the environment, modifying the task, teaching the skill and educating the patient or family to be better able to participate in and perform daily activities. Occupational therapists’ services typically include:

  • Comprehensive assessments of home and job environments and recommendations for adaptation
  • Individualized treatment plans aimed at improving the ability to perform activities of daily living
  • Recommendations and training in the use of adaptive devices or equipment
  • Guidance and support for caregivers and family members
  • An individualized evaluation to determine the patient’s goals for treatment
  • An outcome assessment to ensure the patient’s goals are being met

At Pomona Valley Health Centers, one of our highly sought out occupational therapists is also certified in hand therapy. Our Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) treats hundreds of patients each month to help them with various hand issues. With the guidance of a CHT, patients can regain hand function after major trauma, and surgery, as well as degenerative and other disabling diseases.

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