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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: One Test Could Save Your Life

A woman getting a mammogram

Every October major breast cancer charities across the globe participate in an international health campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and educate women about the importance of annual mammograms.

At Pomona Valley Health Centers (PVHC), we’re doing our part to raise breast cancer awareness this month by sharing the benefits of a 3D mammogram. In addition to ultrasound and regular x-ray services, PVHC is proud to offer leading edge testing like 3D mammograms—the most accurate breast screening system available. With our new SmartCurve System, mammograms are now more comfortable and more accurate than ever. This month, we are offering $50 mammograms if yours isn’t covered by insurance.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray image of the breast tissue. Most doctors recommend women get an annual mammogram following their 40th birthday. It’s an essential part of a women’s healthcare as they can be used to detect lumps, tumors and other abnormalities in women who have no signs or symptoms of breast cancer—which can save your life.

Benefits of a 3D mammogram

Women with dense breast tissue in particular may benefit from a 3D mammogram because it provides a clearer picture that a traditional 2D mammogram. A 3D mammogram, or breast tomosynthesis, combines multiple breast x-rays to create a three-dimensional image of the breast. They are also used to investigate breast issues or concerns, like a suspicious lump or thickening. Here are additional benefits of 3D mammograms:

  • More Accurate Detection
    3D mammography minimizes the impact of overlapping breast tissue, making tumors easier to see.
  • Earlier Diagnosis
    Overlapping tissue can hide small cancers in a 2D scan, whereas with a 3D mammogram the multiple image ‘slices’ can be analyzed one by one.
  • Less Anxiety
    With improved accuracy in diagnosing abnormal structures, 3D mammography can help reduce the likelihood of false positives, additional scans and biopsies.
  • Safe and Effective
    During a 3D scan, women will experience a minimal amount of additional radiation as compared to a traditional 2D mammogram. However, this dose is well below the FDA-regulated limit and no additional risk is associated with this scan.

Schedule your Mammogram Today! SmartCurve Badge

PVHC is proud to be the FIRST in the region to offer the new SmartCurve System for mammograms. Now more comfortable and more accurate than traditional exams. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering $50 mammograms if yours isn’t covered by insurance.

If you’re 40 years or older be sure to schedule your annual mammogram because this one test could save your life. Call PVHC at 909-630-7829 to schedule a state-of-the-art 3D mammogram today.