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What Is Occupational Medicine?

What Is Occupational Medicine?When you go to work each day, who’s watching out for you? Who’s focusing on your health, making sure you can safely perform your tasks? Is anyone monitoring the physical, chemical, biological and social factors of your workplace, and the impacts environmental exposures can have on your health?

Occupational medicine practitioners are doing that and more, including promoting healthy workplaces, and helping employers out for manage occupational and environmental injury, illness and disability.

Why everyone needs occupational medicine

Work-related injuries can be very costly. There are the direct costs of injuries, like medical and insurance costs. Then there are the indirect, employer-absorbed expenses associated with the disruption to your workplace, retraining and lost productivity.

It’s a commonly known fact: Healthy workers are more productive and cost companies much less than sick or injured workers. Employers would be wise to provide as many health resources to workers as possible, such as:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Nutrition & weight loss counseling
  • Fitness programs or membership discounts to gyms
  • Frequent talks or seminars about safety, nutrition tips, and making healthy lifestyle choices

Occupational medicine and more, when and where you need it

If you’ve been hurt at work, one of your employees needs expert care to get back to work quickly, or you need help with disability management, you can turn to occupational medicine at Pomona Valley Health Centers. Through physical therapy, fit tests, health and drug screenings and more, we can make sure employees are fit for work or duty, and employers keep costs under control. You’ll also find a complete range of healthcare at PVHC, including family medicine, women’s health, sports medicine and urgent care.

Discover the difference our caring staff and board-certified physicians can make in your healthy life. To schedule an appointment in Claremont, Chino Hills, La Verne or Pomona, call 909-630-7829, or use our easy online form.