Lineth F. Florian, M.D.

Photo of Dr. Lineth

Lineth F. Florian, M.D.

“I love building lifelong relationships with my patients. My goal is to help them achieve their health and quality-of-life goals by giving them the best medical care possible. I love to counsel them, educate them and provide the most current and effective care in alignment with their personal, life and healthcare objectives.”

Dr. Florian was inspired to pursue a career in family medicine by her grandparents, despite being born after their deaths. Her grandfather was a missionary doctor, and her grandmother a missionary nurse. Their legacy led Dr. Florian to the practice of family medicine, which enables her to provide care to vast numbers of patients on her own medical missions. Today, she is a patient, caring physician who creates great rapport with patients and is excited and energized to serve, help and empower them for optimal health.

In her free time, Dr. Florian loves spending time with family and friends, hiking long trails in the great outdoors, snorkeling, interior design and art appreciation.

Board-Certified: American Board of Family Medicine Specializing in: Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship: Geriatric Medicine, The Christ Hospital / University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Residency: Family Medicine, Bella Vista Family Medicine, Cerro Las Mesas, Maygüez, Puerto Rico MD: Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA Member: American Geriatrics Society, American Academy of Family Physicians Other Languages Spoken: SpanishLocations: La Verne
Areas of Interest: Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine